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Beef / Veal Cold Cuts
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beef and veal

Only the best grades of government inspected beef / veal arrive fresh off the farm daily and cut by professional butchers to ensure taste to your satisfaction. Here are some of the beef/ veal cuts available; but, not limited to at our store:

Beef Shank
Stewing Beef B/less and B-in
Eye Round Roast
Short Ribs
Pot Roasts
Blade Steak and Roast
Outside Round Roast
Prime Rib Roast
Top Sirloin Roast and Steak
Bottom Sirloin Marinating Steak or Roast
Striploin Steak
T-Bone Steak
Veal Cutlets
Veal Chops
Ground Beef - Reg, Lean, and Ex-Lean
Flank Steak
Oxtail, tongue, liver and other ethnic specialties

Visit or contact us for all your fresh beef/ veal needs. Whether you buy retail or wholesale our price and quality will not be beat.